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Security and peace of mind...

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Of course, your children's safety is always top of mind.  There will be entry into the building only through a security access code.  All staff will be able to enter the building, but all others will have to be escorted into the building after they have been cleared.  Emergency exits are clearly marked, and the children take part in emergency fire drills on a regular basis, in the event of a fire.  These drills are documented and can be reviewed by you at any time!

In the living room, you can relax and enjoy a coffee, while you observe your child in the classroom they are currently in.  There are cameras in each room, which are displayed on monitors in the living room.  These have been installed for your viewing at any time during the day.  We encourage you to see how your child is enjoying the environment here at My Pre Academy.

We also have all required building safety checks done on a regular basis, to ensure that your child's safety is ensured.  The Fire Department, local health department, ministry and police department are a part of our regularly scheduled checks for all processes and procedures required to be a "licensed" childcare facility.

All of our staff and volunteers are required to have a background check completed by the local police department , prior to starting at My Pre Academy.   Under no circumstances, will anyone be permitted to work at the academy prior to recieving an original document stating that they have passed this background check successfully.  This will be required to be completed once every 2 years and will be updated in our files.