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Children are only limited by what we limit them to...

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The concept for My Pre Academy is to provide under one roof, a creative, fun, yet structured learning environment for children to "experience" many of the wonderful things that life has to offer them! 

When I was planning the details, I wanted to create a fun, loving, home like environment, where children would enjoy the structure, discipline and focus required to help them start out right in life.  I also wanted to create a stress free environment for you, as parents, to leave your child.  A place that provided services that you can't find in other pre-school facilities, and one that has your busy lives in mind!  I have experienced the busy life while trying to raise a child, and wanted to provide an unparalleled service to both you and your children.

At the age of 3, I strapped on my first pair of tap shoes, thanks to my Mom!  I still recall my costumes in my first

recital!  A purple flapper dress, covered in fringe with sparkly sequins straps, and shiny black tap shoes.  It was like yesterday!

Before I can remember, I sang, danced and “performed” for everyone!  It was one of my favourite things to do... besides taking care of my baby sister that is!  I recall making up dances with scarves and dress-up clothes, choreographing numbers for my cousins and friends, and then doing “shows” for our parents.  What memories!

At 5, I started playing the piano, and studied until I achieved grade 7 in the Royal Conservatory program.  In the years while I studied piano, I started performing in plays at school, started jazz and gymnastics, twirled a baton, and held straight A’s in school.  Then I picked up the clarinet and sax, played on many sports teams, and started performing in musical theatre productions.  I was always busy, and always learning.  That has never changed for me.  I  truly believe that’s why I’ve arrived at where I am today.

I am 50 years old, and have had a fantastic career, and a very balanced life, surrounded by great family and many wonderful friends.   I feel blessed, in that my experiences have enabled me to make some great choices in life, and have also allowed me to be a strong and independent person.  I attribute a lot of my success to the "experiences" I had as a very young child, and the confidence I gained all those years ago.

I was able to discover what I wanted, and liked to do, because I was given the opportunity to “experience” different things.  I truly believe that children are only limited by what we limit them to.  They are tiny sponges, with open minds, and positive outlooks on everything.  They are hungry to learn, and willing to participate in what life has to offer!

I believe that My Pre Academy has, and will continue to change the standard for children’s pre-school learning by enabling "experiences" in many different areas of life!   It is with pleasure that I watch as Michelle Jollymore carries on the MPA legacy!  I look forward to having My Pre Academy be a part of your child’s, as well as your, wonderful memories!

Stephanie Douglas