"We were proud to be one of the first families to enrol at My Pre Academy.  From the day we met the director, Stephanie Douglas, we knew she had a mandate to offer a special education experience.  Equally important was the truly nurturing environment provided to the children at MPA.  Our daughter is now seven.  She attended MPA from age 18 months to SK.  She has skipped a grade and is in the top of her class.  We feel her academic success is largely attributed to the excellent education and emotionally supportive culture offered at MPA.  In addition, our daughter has developed a passion for the performing arts.  She takes lessons in dance, piano, voice and fine art.  Thank you to My Pre Academy for the love, sound academic instruction and commitment to performing arts that you gave our daughter."  Why MPA vs traditional centre?

"My daughter loved My Pre Academy.  Kate has now graduated, but she always want to go back and visit.  She loved all of her teachers, met wonderful friends and was given a strong foundation for learning that is irreplaceable.  We feel very lucky to have found this school.  Kate entered elementary school at an advanced level and has continued to excel in all of her subjects due, in part, to the foundation she gained at MPA."

"My husband and I cannot begin to express our gratitude for all the hard work, effort, love, and dedication shown to our son at My Pre Academy.

The quality of care he has received has been outstanding.  The teachers are dedicated, loving and patient.  My Pre Academy has provided our son with the academic challenges he requires to keep him engaged, along with an appreciation of music, dance and the arts.

MPA is well managed, with daily communication, newsletters and progress reports.  Our son is always happy with the meals and snacks provided and is genuinely happy to go to school each day.

Above all, we were impressed with the emphasis on good manners and respect for each other.  We frequently receive compliments on our son's polite behaviour, especially in social settings.

We have been an MPA family for 3.5 years and we are extremely pleased with what a well-rounded, polite little boy he has become.

We would recommend My Pre Academy to any parent without hesitation."  Valerie Mlnaric                                                                                Back

"My Pre Academy is a wonderful place for kids to grow and learn.  All three of my children have attended MPA and have been nurtured by caring staff.  My kids had the opportunity to enjoy the arts at a young age, which was very important to me.  They were exposed to positive people that helped them become confident and competent.  The best thing we did for our children's future, was to give them such a fantastic beginning...a strong foundation built by My Pre Academy." Bryanny Bailey

"My husband and I decided to invest in our children's education very early on.  We wanted to instill in our kids a desire to learn, to enjoy school, to satisfy and explore their curiosity and natural inclinations.  My Pre Academy did just that! Thank you for giving them confidence and nutrturing them!  Thank you for everything you have done!  A great school, a great culture: from the music lessons to dance classes, our children left the school with an amazing knowledge base and ready to take on the challenges ahead of them!" Andreea Campobasso

"It is with great enthusiasm that I offer my support to My Pre Academy.  In my capacity as a Professional Social Worker, I have had the opportunity to frequent many child care centers.  My Pre Academy has been designed programmatically and structurally, with elements that are essential to a child's wellness.  The inclusion of movement, music and physical expression into a child's regular day launches the concept of fit for life.  Further, it enhances a child's capacity for self esteem and creativity.  The physical design, which includes abundant natural light, ample room for personal space and single purpose rooms, allows for each child to naturally flourish with staff guidance.  There is no question that the students will absorb the respect and worth they experience at My Pre Academy.

As a parent of three children, My Pre Academy would be the type of pre school learning environment I would choose for my own children.  My Pre Academy has set a new standard in Pre School care."  Jo-Ann McRogers MSW

"I believe Ashley was one of your first ten students at MPA when you opened in 2007.  I was very happy that you had opened then, as your facility doesn't compare to any others in the city; in fact, it doesn't compare to any others in other cities in the GTA.

Your facility is very welcoming and clean, and your programs are very structured, organized and fun.   The idea of having the various themed rooms for the different programs you have, and having the children move from room to room for the different activities throughout their days, is absolutely brilliant....

I can't say enough about MPA!  I hope you will continue to grow and succeed as the product you provide is simply priceless.  I know Ashley is only seven years old now, but she is such a lovely young lady, for which I give you and your staff a lot of credit in helping the great foundation for her."  Stefani Choy  Back